Ruvati Insulated Ice Chest and Outdoor Sink 29 x 20 inch BBQ Workstation Stainless Steel


SKU: RVQ6290


Ruvati Insulated Ice Chest and Outdoor Sink 29 x 20 inch BBQ Workstation Topmount T-316 Stainless Steel – RVQ6290

Marine-grade sinks from Ruvati’s Merino collection are designed for outdoor environments, like boat decks or backyard grill spaces, where extreme corrosion resistance is essential. Each sink is constructed of marine-grade T-316 stainless steel, which is the highest grade stainless steel available from Ruvati and is optimal for outdoor exposure. As a part of Ruvati’s extensive collection of workstation sinks, the Merino collection features unique accessories like the thick cutting board constructed of food grade polymer (HDPE) that is resistant to water, UV, and other elements. Merino also features Ruvati’s innovative ice chest sinks with double-walled insulation that can keep ice frozen for up to 24 hours. For further protection, each sink also includes a bottom rinse grid to preserve the sink from any additional wear. When it comes to finding the perfect outdoor sink, there are many options to consider, and we believe the Merino collection from Ruvati is the best.

  • PATENT-PENDING COMBINATION ICE CHEST AND WORKSTATION SINK: Split design is perfect for your outdoor BBQ area. Single topmount unit saves on installation cost.
  • ICE CHEST SINK: Double-walled triple-insulated ice chest sink is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen or BBQ area. With years of R&D and innovative technology, Ruvati has developed one of the most advanced ice chest sinks in the market.
  • WORKSTATION SINK: Ledges on the front and back provide a track for the included accessories.
  • 16 GAUGE STAINLESS STEEL: Premium T-316 Grade for marine and outdoor installation, it will never rust or stain even under harsh conditions.
  • DOUBLE-WALLED CONSTRUCTION: Ice chest features 2 layers of stainless steel with a 3/4-inch wide gap in between that is fully sealed with insulating foam.
  • ROBOTIC WELDING: Ice chest features state-of-the-art technology that creates a fully sealed air-tight gap between the double layers of stainless steel. This ensures no water or air can get between the layers and damage the insulation.
  • PREVENTS CONDENSATION: Additional 1/4-inch thick layer of PE foam on the outside of the ice chest that adds further insulation so the inside of your outdoor cabinets will stay nice and dry.
  • INNOVATIVE ICE CHEST LID: Lid of the ice chest is also made of double walled stainless steel and filled with insulating foam.
  • 10 GALLON (40 qt) CAPACITY: Fits 30 cans of beer or 15 bottles of wine.
  • ELITE CUTTING BOARD: Workstation sink features cutting board constructed of food-grade polymer that is resistant to water, UV, and other elements.
  • STAINLESS STEEL COLANDER: Hangs nicely over the workstation sink bowl, which makes it easy to rinse fruits and vegetables right on the sink.
  • EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 29-1/4″ (wide) x 20″ (front-to-back) x 13-1/2″ (height)
  • WORKSTATION SINK INTERIOR BOWL DIMENSIONS: 13″ (wide) x 14-5/8″ (front-to-back) x 9-1/2″ (bowl-depth)
  • ICE CHEST INTERIOR BOWL DIMENSIONS: 11-5/8″ (wide) x 16-5/8″ (front-to-back) x 11-7/8″ (bowl-depth)
  • Standard 3.5″ DRAIN OPENING in both bowls.
  • INCLUDED IN BOX: Sink, ice chest lid, stainless steel colander, solid black polymer cutting board, stainless steel bottom rinse grid, basket strainer / drain assembly, mounting clips, cutout template, and installation guide.
  • Ruvati USA Limited Lifetime Warranty


Installation Type

Top Mount


Stainless Steel

Number of Bowls


Sink Thickness

16 Gauge



Front to Back


Bowl Depth


Product Documents

Cutout Template CAD Drawing (DWG File) Spec Sheet Installation Guide