Nantucket Sinks Retrofit 30.75 Inch Glacierstone Single Bowl Wite




Nantucket Sinks NS-GSEZA32S Retrofit 30.75 Inch Glacierstone Single Bowl EZApron Kitchen Sink in White

Nantucket Sinks Glacierstone apron sink is a patented design to retrofit over a standard base cabinet.  Large single bowl is roomy and easy maintenance in a modern material!  Bottom grid and drain are included with the sink.  The sink itself is solid throughout allowing you to buff out any scrapes or scratches with the included pads.   Heat resistant to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  You'll also be aided by the included colander drain with its own colander basket for collecting more food scraps than your typical basket strainer.    Composite material is sound absorbing and stain-resistant, non-porous surface is hygienic.  Features a 15 year warranty against discoloration.

Glacierstone is a newly added Collection.  Named for its bright white appearance, these sinks are formed from a high tech composite material that has solid color throughout.  Unlike a surface glaze which if chipped would require reglazing to match, the glacierstone can be sanded and buffed out to a smooth as ice surface again!  Durable and beautiful, enjoy our Glacierstone bath and kitchen sinks in your home.  The future has arrived!


  • This sink is crafted from durable composite Galcierstone
  • 33 inch standard base cabinet can be used with modification
  • Grid and drain included with sink
  • Barcoal rated to 500F degrees
  • 15 Year Warranty against discoloration
  • Sound absorbing material for a quiet kitchen
  • Nominal dimensions may vary by .25"


  • Faucet Holes: 0
  • Without Overflow
  • Sink Drain Included
  • Theme: Modern
  • Drain Position: Center
  • Material: Glacierstone
  • Mount Type: Apron Front
  • Bowl Type: Single Bowl
  • Number of Bowls: 1
  • Drain Opening: 3.5 Inch
  • Professional installation recommended.


  • Overall Length: 30.75 Inch
  • Overall Width: 20.5 Inch
  • Height: 9.38 Inch
  • Inside Length: 29.5 Inch
  • Inside Width: 16 Inch
  • Depth: 8.75 Inch
  • Minimum Base Cabinet: 33 Inch

Available Finish:

  1. Matte Inside/ Glossy White Outside